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Threat Intelligence

    Be one step ahead of your attackers

    What is Threat Intelligence?

    Threat Intelligence helps you identify, understand and proactively monitor the most serious threats to your business. This puts you one step ahead of your attackers in the eternal cat-and-mouse game.

    Threat Intelligence analyzes and aggregates numerous data from tons of data sources and links them together to reveal targeted risks and countermeasures for your business.

    This allows you to proactively detect, classify and defend against (new) attack techniques - even before these (new) attacks reach your company.

    Was ist Threat Intelligence
    TIBER-DE Red Teaming Threat Intelligence
    Vulnerability Management Scanning
    Great added value for the company

    Who benefits from Threat Intelligence?

    Every security function in your company will gain great value from this topic.

    Security Operations & Incident Response
    systems are generally overwhelmed with alerts. TI accelerates analysis, minimizes false positives, and provides the right context for appropriate decision-making.

    Vulnerability Management Teams
    often face the challenge of evaluating whether something is critical or non-critical to your business without sufficient background knowledge. TI provides the right context, as well as risk scoring, to make the right decision customized for your business.

    It also helps your threat hunters, your brand protection team, and your CISOs, CEOs, and board members to make the best decisions for the business.

    Threat Intelligence Services

    Threat Intel Data Feeds
    We provide real-time data feeds so you can prevent new threats before they affect your business.

    Dark Web Monitoring
    Our analysts monitor the dark web with self-developed tools and alert as soon as a threat to your company is detected. This includes e.g. leaked data, logins or attack calls (DDoS).

    Threat Inspect
    We analyze the threats (e.g. malware) in detail for you and give you everything you need to detect and defend against them.

    Threat Intelligence Service Deutschland

    Takedown Service
    Attackers register domains to make it appear that they belong to your company. On these fake websites, your customers are tricked and infected with malware. We support you in detecting and taking offline this type of attacks where, among other things, phishing and typosquatting domains are registered without authorization.

    Indicators of Compromise (IoC)
    Indicators of Compromise are special signatures that can be used to detect identified attacks or attack patterns. These signatures are usually based on domains, IPs, metadata, header information or certain attack sequences.
    We regularly deliver valuable IoCs to make not yet known attacks detectable.

    Threat Intelligence Tiber
    TIBER-DE Red Teaming Threat Intelligence
    The Champions League of Red Teaming

    TIBER-DE Threat Intelligence made in Germany

    Let external professional hackers hack your company in a very tightly controlled manner. This is the only way to ensure that the security measures you implemented really work.

    We have extensive experience in the Threat Intelligence area and can analyze your company in depth within the framework of a TIBER-DE test in order to submit a precise analysis including attack scenarios to the Red Team.
    If we find critical vulnerabilities during the analysis, you will of course be informed immediately to decide whether these should be closed during the test or be exploited by the Red Team.

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