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Benefit from over 100 years of cyber security experience and Cyber Security Award-winning experts to help you protect your business from cyber attacks.

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Cyber Security Beratung Consulting Informationssicherheit

We have the right consultants to deliver your security projects and audit reviews on-time, on-budget and in top quality.
Benefit from our extensive expertise in the areas of Information Security, Cyber security, IT Audit, Data protection and Risk Management.

Cyber Security Produkte Services Apollon Security
Products & Services

Best-in-class cyber security products & services that you should hand over to external professionals with a clear conscience, such as Vulnerability Management, Phishing Awareness, Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Third Party Security, Maturity Analyses or Threat Intelligence.

Awareness Training Sicherheit Datenschutz
Training & Awareness

Let your employees, executives, board members and supervisory board members benefit from top trainers train to improve the Human vulnerability to eliminate.

Our trainings are very suitable for all levels, from techi easy to understand and due to interactive Contents positively anchored in the long-term memory. Guaranteed to be understandable and practical for everyone.

Karriereberatung Cyber Security IT-Security
Career Coaching

Why should only footballers have a manager? We support you from the beginning to the end of your career and find the perfect job for you through our large network.

In addition, we act as your "Career Bodyguard" and forward you only job offers that match your career goals.

Your trump card is our


Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company or a major international corporation, whether you are in the public sector, industry, trade, banking, automotive, energy or aviation - our employees have seen (almost) everything and always find the best and most effective measures to bring your company to the desired level of maturity and protect you from cyber attacks.

IT Sicherheit Großkonzern Erfahrung
IT-Sicherheit Mittelstand Erfahrung
Cyber Security Informationssicherheit Team stark
Cyber Security Leader Award Gewinner Apollon Security
Extensively positioned in IT security


From junior SOC analyst, to senior vulnerability, phishing or DLP expert. From SAP Security Consultant to long-time, experienced and Cyber Leader Award-winning CISO. Our employees cover almost all areas in information security, cyber security as well as data protection.

Apollon Security does not employ lone warriors, but exclusively team players. You benefit from this strong team in the background, both in consulting and in every product we develop ourselves.

Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

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