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    Whether cyber security or data protection

    Trainings you will love

    Mandatory trainings on cyber security and data protection are usually boring and everyone tries to click through them quickly.

    Our interactive and hands-on trainings (online and offline) entertain your board members, executives and employees in a special way, so that the important messages are guaranteed to be internalized. One of the reasons this works so well is that everything is tailored to the respective target group.

    Cyber Security Training
    Schulung Cyber Sicherheit

    Proven success

    Our training has been delivered to numerous small, medium and large businesses over many years and has been proven to significantly increase cyber security and data protection.

    Your employees will remember the training positively and intuitively apply the security measures they learned.

    Award winning trainer

    Our award-winning trainers combine technical, organizational, psychological, and lecture expertise to embed key learning in long-term memory.

    Our trainers have been giving trainings and lectures on national and international stages and conferences for many decades and always receive excellent feedback from the participants. Constructive criticism is always used to further develop the trainings.

    Gewinner Training IT-Sicherheit
    Cyber Security Leader Award Gewinner Apollon Security
    Online Training Cyber Security
    Vortrag Cyber Sicherheit

    Online or offline

    Our trainings can be booked via any collaboration platform (Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc.) as well as on-site.

    At pandemic times, online trainings have become very popular, although the definitely higher efficiency of interactive face-to-face trainings should not be underestimated.

    Live Hacking

    Watch live as our professional hackers penetrate websites, payment systems, networks, servers, OT machines or wireless networks.

    Live hacks are a very convincing tool to convince your board members and CEOs that cyber security is one of the TOP risks for the company and needs significantly more budget and support.

    Penetration Testing Apollon Security

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