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    Why apollon security?

    Because you are the center of attention

    We focus on you, your well-being, your career, your fun, your learning success and your advancement. Your success is our success.

    We support you in your career planning with many years of expertise in all areas of information security, cyber security and data protection.

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    Best People

    With us, you will find a team of people who share the same mindset, always support each other and from whom you can learn a lot, both personally and professionally.

    Everyone knows what they are talking about and is happy to help you with any questions you may have, no matter how stressful it is. Experiences from almost all industries and company sizes are gladly shared.

    Our selection process is very strict, as we spend a lot of time together and it is very important to us to maintain a high professional and human level.


    We offer full flexibility, as far as legal requirements allow it, no matter if home office, four-day week, parental leave or working from abroad.

    If you are an early riser or a night owl, we welcome every type.

    You would like to build up a special part-time project with us? We would love to. We have the infrastructure, people, background and support you need to make it happen.

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    Apart from the fact that everyone gets a very good fixed salary, everyone also gets a share of the revenues in the business areas they work in. The revenue share is not optional but comes on top of the fixed salary.

    We invest a fair amount in new projects and areas. What is implemented is decided by the employees.

    In addition, we reserve a fair amount each year for education, fun and entertainment.

    Apply now

    Send us your reasons why you fit into our team to application(AT)apollon-security.com

    Whether you want to send us your documents by mail or digitally is up to you. And if you manage to type your documents on a real typewriter without any mistakes, we will give you a welcome bonus ;-)

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