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    Everything from one source

    Four core areas

    The degree of coverage in which we can support you includes all topics of information security, cyber security, IT audit and data protection.

    We support you in all four core areas, from strategy and planning to implementation and operation.

    IT Audit Skills
    IT Sicherheit Großkonzern Erfahrung
    IT-Sicherheit Mittelstand Erfahrung


    Whether it's a small business, a medium-sized company or a major international corporation, whether it's public authorities, industry, trade, banks, automotive, energy or aviation - our employees have seen (almost) everything and always find the best and most effective measures to protect your company against cyber attacks.



    From junior SOC analysts to senior vulnerability, pentesting, red teaming, phishing or DLP experts. From SAP Security Consultant to long-time, experienced and Cyber Leader Award winning CISO. Our employees cover almost all areas in information security, cyber security as well as data protection.

    We bring over 100 years of professional practical experience to your company.

    Cyber Security Informationssicherheit Team stark
    Cyber Security Leader Award Gewinner Apollon Security
    Apollon Security SWAT Team
    We are

    Your SWAT Team

    At Apollon Security there are no lone warriors, but only team players. You benefit from this strong team in the background, both in consulting and in every product & service we develop ourselves.

    Our personnel selection is very strict. Only people who share our mindset and act at the highest professional and human level make it to us.

    Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

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