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IT audit

    IT audits at the highest level

    IT audit

    Are you still looking for qualified IT auditors with many years of experience to inspect your company's IT or would you like to prepare for certification?

    We advise and support you extensively in the topic of IT auditing, including planning, evidence collection, creating and defining high-quality and realistic recommendations, professional coordination of the findings within the affected areas, as well as the final reporting and presentation to the board of directors.

    Our experts have audited almost everything within IT and can provide comprehensive support in both German and English.

    IT Audit Skills
    §44 Sonderprüfung Bafin IT Prüfung
    When BaFin knocks on the door

    §44 Special audit of the BAFin

    What kind of findings are to be expected and in what criticality? Most of all, what kind of consequences follow for the management? We have extensive experience in the preparation, execution, follow-up and mitigation of findings of the banking supervisory authority (BaFin) in special IT audits according to §44 of the German Banking Act (KWG).

    What is the best way to prepare for a 44 audit and how does it proceed? What kind of findings are to be expected and in what criticality, and what consequences can these have for management?

    How do you set up a comprehensive mitigation program to address the findings, including regular reporting to BaFin, and how do you find suitable (external) personnel for remediation?

    From strategy, to analysis, execution, remediation and operations, we can provide you with comprehensive support based on our expertise. We have been through audits and solved all kinds of cases, so we know all the possible pitfalls you may encounter.

    KRITIS audit

    Do you need advice on whether your company falls under the KRITIS Regulation and would like to know what this means for your company? Or you are already a notified KRITIS company and need support in implementing or improving the requirements?

    Whether GAP analysis, in-depth KRITIS audit, communication with BSI, trainings or support in remediation of deficiencies - we have numerous KRITIS experts and responsible persons who will support you in all matters.

    KRITIS Kritische Infrastrukturen
    IT Sicherheit Großkonzern Erfahrung
    IT-Sicherheit Mittelstand Erfahrung


    Our employees have seen (almost) everything and always find the best and most effective measures to protect your company, whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company or a large international corporation. No matter what line, whether public authorities, industry, trade, banks, automotive, energy or aviation, we find the most suitable approaches. Particularly in the IT audit, great importance is attached to ensuring that the audit procedures are appropriate, the recommendations realistic and the risk classifications not exaggerated. Our experience amongst others with BaFin’s §44 special audits is considered.



    From junior IT auditor to senior IT auditor for numerous areas in IT, information security, cyber security up to SAP, our employees cover all areas to support you in your IT audits.

    In addition, our employees have extensive experience in data analysis which is extremely helpful, for example, in authorization audits.

    Our employees have numerous certifications in the IT audit area (e.g. CISA) and our team brings over 100 years of professional practical experience to your company.

    Cyber Security Informationssicherheit Team stark
    Cyber Security Leader Award Gewinner Apollon Security
    Apollon Security SWAT Team
    We are

    Your IT Audit SWAT Team

    At Apollon Security there are no lone warriors, but only team players. You benefit from this strong team in the background, both in consulting and in every product & service we develop ourselves.

    Our personnel selection is very strict. Only people who share our mindset and act at the highest professional and human level make it to us.

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